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Dead Walls Resurrect (Not On Label 2011)

   Symphonic Black Metal alliance of three comes from Novo Mesto – Slovenia after the re-designing atmosphere over the death of communism along the Eastern front of Europe where crimes and devastations on economy haunts everyone within the uncertainty as the religious beliefs cannot providing the solutions over problems that’s when extreme metallers like the duet – Matej Krizsnik (drums) and Dorian Zulic (guitars, vocals, keyboards, bass) as Nepthys completing their eight self-written tracks of pure artistic of Black Metal plus Heavy Metal and semi-hardened music tempo and Gothic backgrounds – giving the levitates spirit of a restless girl by the album of Ghost Asylum meant terribly eerie to listen or imagine. 

For you who loved Gothic Metal or Symphonic Rock the suggestions over Psychotic Rage, Oracle of Doom, New Order or More Blood remains echoing from here to eternity. 

Ghost Asylum: