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Dazzle Fresh Start (Lethal Dose Records 2015)

   Adelaide – Australia swampy Hardcore-Punk unit that sounding totally jerking off and metallic chaos to safely becoming your presents for your teenage kid birthday because nothing absolutely, positive but infamous danger spreading as thus screaming vocals and wrath anger lyrics filling out the themes written not for the good purposes but protesting the entire western world society for destroying the rest of the globe long time ago and nowadays. Mario kart, city of churches and delaying weed smoke making your headache getting worst must be related to the cranking on louder for this six tracks recording being released by Elliot on drums, Jack on vocals, Jonno on bass guitar and Tye on lead guitars did their works done as Cum scum-bastards crew over this Success releasing. Entrapment onto the hexagonal transparent box but you can’t get out except destroying the entire place down and the Metal Alternative gripping riffs biting the hands that feeds with the displaying of terror songs like The Mad Rat, Puppet Boy and Outsiders through the society pressures.