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Curmudgeon (Relapse Records 2016)

   Druggy, violent, depressed and angry with tons of Sludgy Metal Doomy Rock existence explorations and explosions cracking the entire feed-back driven and bludgeoning raw visceral classic rhythms by the blending of Thrash, Hardcore-Punk to Sludge Metal that carving the loudest efforts to telling the future that 16 – the Los Angeles band is already owning your stereo system as the quartet reflecting of the gains miserable and pleasant things to the grown-up’s as they’re must be non-predicted but 16 (the band) that consisting of Dion Thurman (drums), Barney Firks (bass),Cris Jerue (guitars) to Bobby Ferry (guitar, vocals) leading the band going to jumps deeper onto the shark-infested depth of Sludgy Metal heavier riffs or the Crowbar’s influencing techniques for making a good drunk music with their last new recording called Lifespan Of A Moth that already shows us about how silly is the white-woman to understanding the messages that sent onto them like the wipe-out music on The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart that cannot easily representing how the moth finally making nest inside your face and the disruptions is just a beginning.

Lifespan Of A Moth: