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Coffin Blues Parasite (Raining Records 2017)

   Grungy Psycho-billy experimenting band for Noise Rock stationed and Garage drunk will forcing you to fasten the belts as the rodeo rampage alike mixed with insane version of the 70’s Rock N’ Roll meets The Doors getting higher on acid almost meet their suicidal steps as Black Jack Cassidy – voice, bass to Finch the synthesizers/voice, Cottonmouth performing Electronics, backing vocals onto drummer Chainsaw formed themselves as Moon Worship sacrificing the Blood On Blonde; stab them in the chest and spilling it for the gods can be traced via those ornament picture and sketches on the wall. As the dirty, nasty and creepy stories around Honeymoon in Vegas, Anti-Human Blues, 3AM, She Got Up and Walked Away and Executive Hanging blended with thus mid-smoother riff-age indicates the sick heads available here.

Blood On Blonde: