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Cliffs Of Dover (Neversoft/RedOctane 2007)

   You ever got a dream to be a rocking guitar player heading out for your adventurous stardom gigs with the band as complete and hard-rocking as possible ? Damn right you should play this installment of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with your skills of shredding adjust and levels up every time you manage to finishing your enjoyable partying gigs includes by those more than thirty-nine tracks available as well as three boss battle against either master six-strings like Slash or Tom Morello exclusively, undeniable in one console gaming and the bonus songs for your solo career mode to co-op mode on this seventh generation versions of Guitar Hero games.

Live in Japan, European Invasion, Hottest Band on Earth onto Battle for Your Soul can be chosen as encores indicates how your performance did everyone thought you’re superb as well. 

   With many songs to pick from Santana’s Black Magic Woman, Cherub Rock, Cities on Flame with Rock N’ Roll (Blue Oyster Cult), Queens of The Stone Age, Heart to The Sex Pistols and many more “hardened” materials such as White Zombie’s Black Sunshine, Rage Against The Machine to Slipknot, Slayer and Alice Cooper; you finding this game really needs extra loving for Rock Music in general as well knowing your roots and pleasure fun shows for the rest of your life in Heavy Metal/Classic Rock genre. 

Until then, stay rocking and bang your guitar to reach for the sky !