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Chad Ban Hammer (Independent 2017)

   Crossing-over the massive deafening beats closer to chaos over the Death Metal/Thrash Metal and Hardcore sounds of the proud United States of Canton, Ohio area would be the first thing you ever needed to know for Stillborn Prodigy crew smashing music as the learning over listening how hard they can manage to destroying your ear-drums must be through this influenced by more metallic Pantera or Nu-School Hardcore scene type of album – Coconut Sex Dumpster which highly, may tricking most people for think that this just another alternative record by judging the cover itself. Five piece of metal-heads: Nathan Teeple on vocals, Mark miller on guitars/vocals, Shane Branning on guitar, Justin Givens the drummer and Cory Whitmer the bass basher aren’t going to have a vacation to the tropical island but to destroying it with the crushing tracks listed here like Fuck You To Death, Captured by Nightmares, Gimmie Yer Belt, Bone Hag and Red Rocket Dog Dicks – familiarly, slamming and destructive like angry fists of a raging big bastard punching you in the face before snatching your wallet and gone.

PS. Fucking too conservative minds must be sacked for good !

Coconut Sex Dumpster: