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Cerita Malam Suram (Self-Released 2016)

   Mort is radical in their most ways for throwing good deeds and seminal Hardcore meets Southern/Stoner and screaming vocals like real tough group from somewhere of the Southland parts – to be exact in Bali Island of Indonesia they came from and releasing this massive mini recording entitled Berontak!!! for exploding the Cross-Over genre of Heavy Metal mixtures and five written rocking powerful grooves sentence music through the expression of the youthful days of wrath over the domestic inside stories plotted personals within Menjejal Ajal (Waiting to Die), Beringas (Bewildered) and Intimidasi Negeri Raksasa (The Threat From The Giants) taken those two onto three minutes more of your time to listen and learn about the repression and the struggles not just paradise around the island to tell !