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Cemetery Down (Bandcamp 2011)

Harmonic Death-Rock meets Psychobilly-Punk with the thicker passage of riff-age taken from either the likes for The Offspring, The Misfits and more themes towards the Horror-flicks lyrics story telling as Horrorwood Ending from Lancaster, Pennsylvania originally, fills their line-up with Ryan Waltz – bass & vocals, Ryan Lannon – drums and Ryan Miller – guitar as they’re performing songs by self-written and manage to do shows and asking to join many punk compilations locally or national wide before Waiting For A Heartbeat being released with its thirteen tracks to torturing someone in the basement.

Don’t know for sure if this fits for only valentine’s day massacre or Halloween death party but you be the judge if they’re casually can giving one a good sense of liking music after listening for several tunes inside. Off I Was A Teenage Zombie, Just Another Nightmare, From Here To Eternity, Never Die and who knows how far the depression can gets you to nowhere but surviving the end of the night of your life.

Waiting For A Heartbeat: