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Castration Chemical (Candlelight Records 2015)

   Explosions, insane psychotic experiments over human beings and those lab-rats creatures mixed into one single new evolved monster by the Thrashy madmen comprising in a group calling themselves as Bio-Cancer as hailed from Athens, Greece with the members like Antonis “Seba” Katsaros, Giannis Lagoutaris, Lefteris “Possessed” Hatziandreou or Giorgos “Blast” Eleutheriou have just again releasing their third finest fast-killer torture sounds recording of Thrash Metal malignant in Tormenting The Innocent that taken parts inside the secret basement-like compound far from the lovely modern communion of happiness and the blasting rocks of head-banging themed on everything that related to blood-bath, mixing of false technology and man-made gods of madness soon being highlighted through the egocentric Obligated To Incest, Bulletproof, Boxed Out as well as F(r)iends Or Fiends ? and Haters Gonna … Suffer! releasing the most closer points of typhoon riffs and drumming for you to become the beast feasting among your fellow men and their women as well – snatched them and turning the ordinary to monstrous realm !

Tormenting The Innocent: