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Cape Canaveral Hello (Virgin Records 1994)

   On this seventh releasing albums alongside the entire career of Alternative Rock scene USA; the founding group named American Music Club really stay loyal and solid with their ideas for the written and releasing for San Francisco record. Starring member names on the album Mark Eitzel (vocals, guitars), Vudi (guitars, backing vocals), Tim Mooney (drums, guitars), Dan Pearson (bass, guitar, mandolin), Bruce Kaphan (pedal steel, keyboards, guitar, tablas) with Omewenne on background vocals, trumpet by Bill Ortiz and Jean Lowe did the artworks. Searching in the gloomy dark underwater for something precious or just doing research on this; track-listing like It’s Your Birthday, Love Doesn’t Belong, How Many Six Packs Does It Take to Screw in a Light, What Holds The World Together and I Broke My Promise or In The Shadow of The Valley means that American Music Club isn’t just a regular band bringing their roots of sounds to the global listeners without doing some Americanizes shares … 

San Francisco: