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Cafune Tower (Self-Released 2018)

   Drifted for sophisticate sounds made with Jake Slater on guitars & vocals onto George Condon on guitars, Henry Condon the drummer and Riley Feeney for bass/vocals as well as Matt Twaddle on keyboards playing as a big family with the helps from additional vocalists like Luke Tobin, Ben Young or Lily Sexton on strings arrangements to saxophonist Dave Murphy to Leland Baker Mtali Banda really felt like bringing their Amherst hometown pleasure musical of Pop-Indie Jazzy softer rocking onto your stereo system as this “non-stop feeling good machine and unapologetic easy listening for Humble Digs shadowy your choices over loving someone’s great sounds of electricity and mystery being captured here. 

The blue moon shining and those rock formation of the strangeness felt related to the track-listing of A Portrait Of Grace including Uptown/Inbound, Shame, Montauk, mercury and Bloodstream. For fresher inside and outside weekend timing natural …

A Portrait Of Grace: