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Buyung Sick (Sony Music Indonesia 1997)

   Bandung might creatively, seems never being out of stocks for good Rock bands and at the midst of ninety-five one of them formed and calling themselves /rif (used to be Rhythm In Freedom) as a Pop-Rock with more influences from either Bush, The Smashing Pumpkins or Sponge without alphabetical order and comprising of vocalist Andy, guitarist Jikun and Baron as well as bassist Teddy and the lead vocalist younger brother on drums – Maggi; releasing their debut album with the simple title of Radja (as well as the first hit single on radios and national television) turning them shortly, into “kings” as the demands of more pleasure Alternative Rock music (plus gothic outfits) by the young public also measured that this record almost becoming one of the most favorable one along others locally. As one can listening over the near-copying of riffs and beats but fortunately, the major commercial sounds and several awards for national wide events saving the group from being called as a plagiarism and Planet Kosong aren’t really closer to mimicking Silverchair or Bintang Kejora posing any of Pearl Jam tricks within the success covered by the hits like Radja and Bunga among thus funky rock others. 
Jeni might also leaving some reminds about Sponge’s Molly but that’s just perhaps, coincident of idea while writings about how a prince turning into a frog.