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Bukan Itu (Win Records 1993)

   Standard basic of Indonesia Pop-Rock that at one time really had huge crowds of fan-base before slowly, dusted away to almost nothing but jokes.
Mentioning one particular names from the nineties era rocker like Andy Liany for releasing his greatest record over the career and later on before his death reportedly, as suicidal O.D and you might didn’t really know the local language but if you do asking yourself to try and listening to Misteri – these nine tracks masterpiece from Andy Liany really crossing the awesome works of project also composed by some local and national musicians like Pay the guitarist, Bonky on bass player, Ali Akbar on vocals, Ovie Ariesta on backing vocals with drummer Ronald keyboardist Indra Qadarsih rocking in and romantically, sharing ballads songs like you might listening to one of those Hair Rock records through high pitch good vocals and catchy sing-along of commercial and social values thoughts when Indonesia still strong with their nationality and modernism in smarter way. 

Listen for the valuable hits from Sanggupkah, Masih Ada (an anti war theme), Nirwana as well as Kami Harus Diselamatkan (eco-preserving messages) and Kata Cinta that mixing thus slower tunes with harder edgy rocks that taste freaking good ! 

Thank You – Andy Liany and Brother Jack …