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Bronte Smoke (Eleven: A Music Company 2011)

Belgium born but based himself artistic working lives dedicated to his new place called hometown - Melbourne, Australia and using the stage name over his good job to winning the ARIA awards as singer/songwriter that begin to surfacing to be famous – here’s the description owned ideas for Gotye configuring his-self past things meet the future presents that had a glimpse commonly to tells us about Wouter De Backer or Wally for Somebody The I Used To Know single hits on the radio stations and televisions. 

These Down-tempo and Trip-Hop Electronic as well as the vision of modern-arts being used on the video-clip by him as painting camouflage of non-contemporary designs did something freashy well for the feasting eyes of the audience and a bit of commercial amount there mixed within the Making Mirrors album featuring songs like Don’t Worry We’ll Be Watching You, Eyes Wide open, State Of The Art, Giving Me A Change or I Feel Better; resurgence the daily topics about relationships, nature and romance in different kinds of tempos but never hit the speeding bursts. 

But neighbors would love to listening the way Gotye plays the music for pleasing (even not for everyone) but some of thus few by contemplating artistic sounds. 

Making Mirrors: