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Boyota Fantano (Independent 2018)

Techno-tronically, fine and Alternative experimented as Electronic fuse into Pop-indie and Lo-Fi Rap noise to the Psychedelic being stupidly smart created by the god of yazz that you shall comply but the truth is all tracks and production are mixed by Jacob La Follette on RVD Botox as this unknown well project within sickness parts available along off Pillowsnake's rhythmic rhymes.

Either you got purple hair or green ones or you’re completely straight or gay; the tracks compiled dedicated for Selma is actually, the first summer of snake period to spread to you as the love over the rebel sexy female figure in punk - Lene Lovich or Open Predator, Not Your oyster and The Story of Breitbart must be perspective to see as an adult materials not for little kids to peep into. Thus beats weirder and strange choruses really looks abnormal as they sounded like same to every stereo system that didn’t broken yet. 

It’s not your compact disc player – it’s your head spinning ! 

RVD Botox: