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Bitch’s Karma (Bast Records 2015)

   Not for promotional purposes but the ritualistic force went spreading after the victim sacrificial killing done indeed as a gift to the higher power creating the criminal minds and existence to survive this cruel world as an invisible creator(s) as this Symphonic Black/Death Metal mixing over the sounds for this Extreme Metal band – Epic Death doing their releasing brutal heavy sounds on Witchcraft where the blends of sexuality, darkness themes and unlawful evil touch has been releasing over places from the sacred hidden temple where wiccans worshiping the unseen force by lighting hundred candles while chants their deadly spells like the lyrics story on Stay Away, The Vendetta, Dragon’s Blood or Incantation of Epic Death as the cover from Alice Cooper’s Poison or the anthem on Screams from Valhalla dominates the semi-nude bare-asses sensual woman holding knife and ready to stab you on the chest in a very dread seconds.