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Billygoat Myself (Hollywood Records 2003)

   Accidentally found by the main stage shared legend rapper Ice-T not as an escaping plan but guitarist Kristo Panos, vocalist Rich Love, drummer Adam Figura and bass player Andy Kowatch playing thousands audience as restless toiling quartet moving from crowded LA clubs and scenes hitting the road and fortunate enough to releasing later this Dead Generation recording equipment packed within good rhythmic, solos and power groovy of Nu-Metal meets Modern Rock as well the heavily influences from either Tool, Black Sabbath or Jane’s Addiction onto traditional greek bouzouki musical as eclectic and ear-sizing distortion really shall catches your interest which Sloth (band) carried with them impressively, bitter, Hard Rocking and Alternative by choices over Broken Crutch, You Can’t Look Away, Even Though It’s Over, Someday and Nothing’s New – captures the expressive extends of new times remedy to the society via louder music that will not running your money out without purposes – trying to help the lost girl out from the confusing maze …

Dead Generation: