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Bill Watterson (Not On Label 2008)

   Told the media that they’re being influenced by influenza as well as Crispin Glover with the thmes track written based on movies on musicor reversed as well as animals and candy games and puppets for Lemon Demon might not wasting your time being equally consisting of Neil Cicierega (songwriter, producer, lead singer, keyboards), Alora Lanzillotta (bass, claps), Charlie “Chooch” Sergio (guitarist, claps) and Greg Lanzillotta (drums, claps) off Boston, Massachusetts on the imperfect Electronic Geek Rock sounds of Alternative through the rhythmic sense on Amnesia Was Her Name, Marketland, Knife Fight, The Only House That’s Not n Fire (Yet) onto The Satirist’s Love Song and Being a Rock Star; taken from the band’s recording releases for their fifth album – View-Monster really did pressuring you down for a returning to side-show soundtrack for weirdo world filming.