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Bier Gurke (Independent 2017)

   Duisburg Punk waves particularly half right when it comes to Kruste the band of Germany’s experimental Punkish scene only to picturing the society around them getting bored and dull every day as part of elvis –fan, old photograph, a guy dressing tight in spandex or the dancing fat condom figure as trendy last decade millennium grey chosen colors and the tracks from Abknibbeln accusing thus medoum smart not too fast grungy Post-Punk record having Stacheldraht, Sage, Ohlala, Strassen and Arbeit trusted enough to make us singing along or just mosh-pit(ing) like the craze kids did with keyboards or harmless guitars – the slamming tempos to the furious drumming cannot compared to the lesser-known fortune lucks of the group to go nutter almost like The Ramones speaking germans version but blown out the stage with science of stupid.

Send the volume limit aloud and Kruste starts !!!