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Bicu Tvoj (Jugoton 1982)

   You might never heard about an artist of the Serbian Pop-Rock scene whom also a composer, producer and keyboards player from the 80’s to early 90’s named Oliver Mandic but these guy who looks like he’s a long-distance twin to Boy George version from former Yugoslavia country that emerging to share his ability for making bubblegum-ing musical that actually, sounded groovy and fun to listen – especially for those whom loving New Wave music much. 

   From his second album that called Zbog Tebe Bih Tucao Kamen (I Would Break Rocks for You) with Nenad Stefanovic on bass guitar, Didi Jankelic (drums), Aleksandar Milovanovic on guitars or Laza Ristovski the keyboardist with some trumpet and saxophone players as his additional back-up bands for this studio release showing a disturbing image of a prostitute manage to suffocates her client in suits – might looking bit S&M sexy and sarcastic for people’s perspective. Sve Je Propalo, Treci U Krugu, Slobodan I Svoj or Sve Su Seke Jebene used to refer for having fun in New Wave nation-wide fans dancing anthems before the forbidden acts as he did on helping Serbian-side as the Balkan wars occurred during the nineties would still a mystery. 

This guy is a club and restaurant owners today. 

Zbog Tebe Bih Tucao Kamen: