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Banishment I.O (Profound Lore Records 2017)

   Third recording releases for the Nashville – Tennessee group of Doom/Death Metal of America consisting for T. Lewis on guitars, J.LeMaire on drums, J.Anderson on bass and M. Meacham on guitars/vocals progressively showing the event of tearing up or opening the starry skies and universe like a peeling of relativity theory turns to Tesla’s real threats as Loss (the band) being attached to the other dimensions while using their key on Horizonless to do the impacts on humanity prospects turned sorrow and the gods had enough about their flaw creations and wanted to sculptured something new like this mixes – so there you have it coming slower, colder and depressive as All Grows on Tears, Moved Beyond Murder, Naught, The End Steps Forth as well as The Joy of All Who Sorrow telling us the same doomed results while the crumble universe finally, cripples and dying on out of light sources.

See the signs …