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Aura Dusk (Not On Label 2017)

   Young spirits action toning right over the Progressive Rock measurement and with their Folk-Metal and Power-Rock background – the harmony music and the harmony vocals really sounded enjoyable as you might ever liking or wanted to happening.
   Lor’s In Forgotten Sleep debut and final album is a very sophisticated and rare occasion to experienced within as such a magical timing of moonlight and green hills praising the Heavy Metal performance still blazing awesomeness even under the moniker of growling vocals – there still as well; thus melodic solos and irresistible sounds collectively made to the group’s of five-piece performance with bass guitarist Graham Noel, drums Greg Bogart, guitarist/vocalist Peter Hraur onto keyboardist Matt Bartlett and lead vocalist Tyler Fedeli did their groovy stomps and imaginative for see via Visions of Awakening, The Forest, Requiem, Dark Cloud, Eidolon as well as Spectrum. 

May the blessings of pagan music keeps you sacred by days recounted …

In Forgotten Sleep: