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Arklow Streets Stolen (Warner Bros. Records 1974)

   George van Morrison would be a guy whom being born as star-singer for the sixties era Pop-Chamber and slow-tunes not because he’s richer or famous but the glorified of his songs and works seems to be echoing always for centuries as well his ability to performing musical instruments from saxophone, harmonica to keyboards and drums known later among his relatives and friends as Van The Man.
   Carrier expanded since the Northern Irish song-writer left the band of his own previous Pub-Rock continued the walks alone as solo career turns the stardom of him (later) to be inducted to the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame or receiving Order of The British Empire but not for the weeks in astral session to be discussed and Veedon Fleece took the position for its Funk/Soul/Rhythm & Blues as well as vibrating vocals from Van Morrison himself giving those songs new souls to catchy as being harmonically, alive with the man posing with his great dog pets on the green field taking us drifted within Linden Arden Stole The Highlights, You Don’t Pull No Punches But You Don’t Push The River, Come Here My Love and Bulbs and Cul De Sac rowing the variant of grooves and flute of sensuality to guiding the listeners for not letting themselves give up. For the loves on Neil Young slower version or almost being invited and familiar to the biggest music festival fair in the world cherish but not really him. 

Veedon Fleece: