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Annabelle Joyce (Self-Released 2017)

Such a mess for underground Electronic and Broadway Punk from a small town of Missoula, Montana as Pale People recorded their trombone to toy piano staring stairs and honest sweaty manic confessions of strange Progressive Pop music as eccentric and mounted frame pleasure by the sounds effectively, provides by the second album on Portraits as the wall of shame or bad artistic sketches being your only way of display here through the ten tracks stupid madness and troubled tetris music for no distinctive characters within Chamber Jazz, loony midnight cabaret or inflated stories performed by Mack Gilcrest on piano/vocals to Kurt Skrivseth on bass/guitars as well as Brian Tremper on drums with additional brass and melodic instruments of music while the lyrics written by Gilcrest and Pale People. Theater musical to Dark Cabaret sounding like Seattle’s happy pills and beers mixed via Debra, Jason, Carol, Josephine to Lee and even David which no one knows who the hell they really are.

Mistakenly, continued to listen to this ? Why not …