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Angel Face (Bandcamp 2017)

   Vocalist/guitarist/bass programming and lyricist Skiba Shapiro and drummer/screamer Jorin Engel founding the Post-Rock duet from Switzerland named Hopes & Venom which composite the entire depression mode and lethal Shoegaze glamour of St. Gallen with more Alternative edgy on Dream-gaze or Neo-Folk secrecy lyrics – almost like magic of the seminal dark calls.
   The main reboot of beating slower and gloomy atmosphere in live performance as well as Indie-Pop ritual surrounding with darkness of the female intuitive spirit-medium mixed with modernity sounds and ethereal beauty vocals regarding Oh Forlorn One, Devotion, Ripley or The Rest is Silence seems to be a curiosity music harbinger the deadly feelings disguised as Gifts album for the popular society of teenage angst researching scene to have. One can hear the path goes non-tracking since you getting lost inside the midst of the alternative harmony lyrics and Depeche Mode infections.