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Already Killed You (La La Land Records 2009)

   Sci-Fi focused the ninty-fifty nine spacecraft aliens experimenting as their canister was shoot out to space, crashed on earth landed in a path of escaping criminally insane mental patient as a dating couple on a car being attacked by an axed maniac as the boy’s mouth infiltrates by a slug-thing as it pasts for twenty-seven years since  - Chris Romero trying hard to find his love lost and befriended a disable J.C spotted a girl named Cynthia (and fall in love for her) wants to get attention by joining a fraternity of Beta Epsilon as tasking them stealing a dead body from the Corman University medical center to the sorority house steps as the body suddenly, grabs them and make them flee with a student worked there also killed by the dead. Detective Ray Cameron witnessing the maniac killer several killing his victims several years ago now investigating the cryogenics lab break-in gone sets free to makes its way back to sorority house as his head splits opening for the release of slugs-like creatures around. J.C and Chris confronts by the fraternity, being asked by the police and believed to be responsible to the last night incident by the testimony of a janitor whom later on attacked by the rising dead student as the slug penetrating J.C mouth near the garden with Cynthia attempts to convincing Chris about the zombie-like beings but skeptical Chris said reverse until he meets Detective Roy explaining the real story about the lunatic murder of 1959 Night Of The Creeps victims not actually an urban legend but the victim was his girlfriend and since then, he’s hunting the mad axed man and killed it – to be buried under the sorority house area. 
   As everyone preparing for formal dance night; J.C gave Chris a posthumously message about how the slug incubating inside his brain but susceptible to heat as discovered by him and Chris calls Detective Roy before he did a suicidal attempts to helping him save the rest of the girls sorority members with flamethrower and armory  as well as the soundtrack songs from Barry De Vorzon and Stan Ridgeway scary composing the entire flashback and forward scenes of horror comedy via I’m Your Bud, Screaming like banshee, I Took My Twelve Gauge/Return of The Axe Man as well as March of The Zombies or The Count Down that finding Cynthia being attack by the zombie possessed Brad; as all Beta fraternity zombies showed up after the bus accident as the survivor team must destroying the outside zombies only to find the downstairs basement occupied by the enormous pile of slugs creatures before Detective Roy with his mouth taped brought the gasoline can and splashes, Chris and Cynthia escaping out the house as the slugs begins to attack Roy as he opens the gas valve and flicking the lighter to make the place fiery exploded. After kissing Chris, Cynthia bends down to grab a dog with opened mouth approaches her and a slug jumps in her mouth !