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Along Infinity (Paper Bag Records 2015)

   Slower Psych and Ambient Pop tuning to the turns of Alternative musical sounds as Morning World music recorded by Teen Daze as the performance on vocals/electric guitars/bass/synthesizers/piano/rhodes/organ and percussion with Simon Bridgefoot on drums/percussion, Nathan Blaz on cello as being produced by John Vanderslice collaborates with Simon Bridgefoot and Teen Daze resulting eleven fully built expression tracks at the most vulnerable and honest within the proudest materials directly from the bedroom few lapses transcendent as time of comfort zone positively not over-confidence. 

   Mister Jamieson – the man behind this project picturing the mid-day sun in a hot sunny weather as constant communication dissolves and affected the gravity within thus good catchy and jangly songs like Pink, Valley Of Gardens, It Starts At The Water, Post Storm or Garden Grove; floating the news upper the fence from or to Abbotsford, British Columbia area and talks melodically harmonies to our ears listening.

Morning World: