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Aisle Of Fucked (Abstract Orchestrations 2017)

   When you had finding out the reasons why Durian fruit smells terrible then you shall be needed to studying further more about it by having the heaviest recording special recorded as the tribute to Goregrind themed on Durian from the Houston, TX band as a debut length album about thirty tracks begun with Intro to Homicidal Stench, Eat Durian or Die, Don’t Knock it till You eat it or Monolith and Durians as well as Sacrificial Fruit or Atomic Durian Desolation – come banging your skull in a brutal smasher; whether you liking them and the smelly like dirty socks-fruit or not, the facts are you will forcing yourself to get this Putrid Fruit’s The Smell Awaits as the sicker attempt over Slayer’s legendary recording but not trying to make a joke – this album would cut your head in half right away. 

The Smell Awaits: