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Aggressive Coward (Off The Records 2014)

   Melodic Death Metal with harmony for the opener song as you used to caught on older version of James Hetfield or Helloween’s sounds meet symphonic rock made of West Java within the lyrics screaming and growled about anger, resistance to fucking indoctrination of fundamentalist religious performs by the band members: Hinhin Akew (guitars), Owang (vocals), Paneu (bass), Abo (guitars) and Abah Andris (drums) formerly from the semi-legendary local group of extreme Heavy Metal named Beside – high techniques, groovy tempos and clean plays releasing Awake To Decide as the group’s background story around the country’s problematic after the reformed government went wrong since the fall of the ruling tyrannical leader left the social conditions transforming from developing to consumerist modern generation and these tracks did freaking much well reads those thematic calculations much consistent which being portrayed by The Uprising Echoes, Reign The Bastard, From Till Dawn to Threat Minority bursts the flame of concern over Restart Refresh Rebuild thoughts comes in violence or a sudden death to the motherland’s restless ghost by traitors.

Awake To Decide: