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Agade The Fall (Candlelight 1994)

   The UK Goth-Rock existence in a format of group led by Julian Hill and Shaun Atkins naming the band as The Whores Of Babylon where their recording debut under the background history of darkened legendary titled on Metropolis looking further deep and seeing more aspects relating to building of human rulers ego carried the seven deadly sins and the destruction of the tower sooner that they think as the unique themes like Garden Of Tranquility, Lamia, Symphony In oblivion onto the darker tales from Stigmata, Oblivion, Carnal Desires or Black Tears within the female voices performed by Sarah Forsythe, Ingrid Edwards and Oksana Kabanova and acoustic guitarist Joseph White foretold the romance and death knitting together in a sweeter dangerous retaliation between luck and unfortunate realm of lives.