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Aegna Hymn (Not On Label 2012)

   Attitude wasn’t changed a lot even when the line-up several times had a measurement but the complete sounds that really feels standard didn’t stopping these Punk-Rock messiah from Estonia successfully, touring to Finland and Latvia as remarkable as their national country shows done pretty well with you not to judging them – Soulout as a trio whom playing commercial music at all. Al (x.a) on vocals and guitars, Burunduck the bass guitar player and Mork behind their drum-sets did started something good through the last recording so far from themselves – Leftrightbehind telling the world that they’re not following any kinds of factions but Punk Rock directions and some of their songs really enjoyable even the lyrics was written in local language and you can calling this Tallinn rocks.

   You might liking them as well as the front cover artworks about the tattooed new millennium skin-heads just like thus Goth-Rock influenced Ein Lied, I Will Always Love You, Desideratum or 2. Possibly, one of the most recognizable bands coming out from the ex-states of former USSR singing loudly about the story of Two under The Tree.