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Abomination Havoc (Hellthrasher Productions 2014)

   A very fucking brutal Black Metal meets Death Metal out of Athens, Greece where the views on the front cover describing the bloody apocalyptic come down of the second coming from the false messiah and the army of winged demons enslaving humankind once and for all. Horned beasts, dying and bleeding slaves and the crack on the planet painting this blasphemous picturing of how the earth turns to be invaded by the evil beings from between the stars and Incendium recording by Burial Hordes proves to you that this things might soon going to happen.
   Eight bestial dark pieces of tales and oppressive extreme music sounds influenced by dissonant modernity and ancient prophecy of the non-believers plotting right like right here being performed by Vegalis Felonis, Necrotormentor or Impaler as the record tracks off Path of Bloodshed, Horns of Consecration, Nailed Curse, Scorned or Black Shrouds of Depravity must becoming your scarier stories to imagining right in front of your near future struck down the society at once.