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Abiogenesis Tryna Prom (Self-Released 2016)

   Rumored in experimenting mystical consecutive doubts for never surfacing back again; this project of Djent Death metal melodic of Pennsylvania synchronizing the harassment delivering of outlandish driven high techniques and Deathcore Progressive against the NOW or rarely, a daily news for sharing before boredom struck and suicide taking over you via Zebra Carnival, Anonymous, The Gelato From Colorodo, Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming, Roswell: Desecration of The universe II, Bottle Rocket Birthday and The World Engine flashing on the attacks with an unbeatable bashing slaughtering tunes and rhythmic by the various of tempos as being shot on targets with the new combining formations for double vocalists Tommy V and Tyler Sack while the rest of the band’s teaming up presents the works off Vinny Mac on song-writing, guitars, drumming productions, vocals and mixing to mastering complete.

This long-awaited record entitled Prime Creators shall be the proof about the continuity of Interrupting Cow expanding chaotic career here on the planet earth on dooming the lives essence from separated mankind from their pure souls under the enchantment of hooded mage’s Heavy Metal extreme spells. 

Prime Creators: