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A Lost Dying Dawn (Not On Label 2009)

   Melodic Power Metal and Symphonic Rock combinations to some thinner Death Metal performance truly leads this Folkish Metal unit from Morges, Switzerland a great short career as they’re formed before as Trophallaxy before later on changing their name into Dysrider but anyway, the tempos is professionally, upbeats and the variety of harmony sounds can easily makes those whom loving amazing products coming out from the band’s debut magic recording – DawnFall shall having finest imagination and adventures carried on by Joelle (vocals & cello), Jonathan (vocals & keyboards), Svylain Ballif (drums) and guitarist Yannick Rey to Valentin Magnenat thebass player presenting the unforgettable moments written lyrics and stories via Beautiful Autumn Day, Listening to The Rain, Unfairytale and The Haven striking through Rock The World and Ice Landscape – pressing the melodic leads solos and riffs as well the beats in various standard or fast moods. 

The gate of time opened somewhere remote and not many shall seeing it or notice what news it will bring from the circle of clocking momentary lapses to your realm …