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4u Waiata’s Swer (Self-Released 2013)

   Independent jazzy drums and beatmaster mindblowing gorgeous sounds of Avant-Garde Leftfield Electronic experiments for fun Indie Noise and Psychedelic from the New Zealand musician/producer Christophe El Truento from Auckland territory parting his way of sending these good children-based recording of number two from his collective works upon A Series of Oopsie Daisies and Various Other Flora with thus coloring draws and writing from Pedro Fins and many thankful helps from fellow humans like Karnan Saba, Simon Kosiarski or Julien Dyne reflecting times of configurative melodies and harmony tracks through Every Dies Dog Body, Gibbon Saw, Clowns Limbs Grow Back, We Fly with Moon as Our Guide onto Dinosaur Blanket over Abandoned in Space or When Someone is Drowning You is a Good Time to Realize You’re a Fish.

With oddities adventure musical and non-commercial advantages sounds emerging like dimensional strange things to your ears to process the data. 

A Series Of Oopsie Daisie and Various Other Floral: