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07:45 (Self-Released 2015)

   Pizza Break touching the old selling-out Rock n’ Roll passion from the early eighties meets the midst of the nineties as the likes for Jesus and Mary Chain really attached closer and deeper fro this Brooklyn, NY group naming the selves as Worthless within the one hundred percentages off freaking off shows as well as Psychedelic Pop tenure tempos that catches the lazy vocals and the gloomy atmosphere that being blown carefully mild as the statement of All My Friends Are Stone [Distro] never meant a smile forming magical unwillingness to allow sonic amusement sounds to carried the messages on lyrics to far wandering and then ever before through the clinging depressions inside Dee Minor, Gold and Yellowfingers that lasted for seventeen minutes as precisely – indie and lysergic by thus drifts honoring how Syd Barrett being fired.

All My Friends Are Stone: