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05:07 (Abstract Orchestrations 2017)

Sigmund Freud said to the rest of the global listeners before that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious realm as this world truly make itself not following any type of penetration through the dispatching of EP collections being released only for your abstract Ambient Dark and Power Electro in experimental which Interstellar Traveler did behind the two tracks recording on The Aroma Of Dreams Pt 2 here as the loner time-lapse adventurer await by the rock on a bay where clock’s ticking and sailing ship passing in slow motions. 

Thus seven minutes and twenty one duration over The River Of Souls fluttering anyone’s mind down within the low-tones and organ-like orchestral music whispering tells you around about all of those composition and instrumentals played by Joe Soranaka before you can closely smells the taste of the finale tracks to the artworks attached together like a soft destruction. 

The Aroma Of Dreams Pt 2: