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Starlight Blade Cain (Inside Out Music 2004)

   Meet the ultimate middle range level ups off these Sweden Progressive Rock unit outfits supported by its composition members line-up figures like Michael Stolt (bass), Jaime Salazar (drums) to other contirubtors like keyboardist/guitar/vocals and percussionist Daniel Gildenlow or saxophonist Ulf Wallander straight to the newest current compositions with Hasse Froberg on vocals/guitars, Tomas Bodin (keyboards), Jonas Reingold on bass, drummer Felix Lehrmann and percussionist Hasse Bruniusson; releasing most of their great to good grades of recording albums around the blending for Porg-Rock, Art-Rock, Jazz Arena and Classic Rock progressions onto this countable of symbolized thirteen records so far by The Flower Kings crew reminding you about the awesomeness performance from Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd and King Crimson in united comparable to the creations from god’s heaven to make the first man and his new companion couple of a female figure – the strong dark-skinned male and the smaller sexy whiter and blonde woman on Adam & Eve. 

   Casting out to the planet of the third position from the sun and breeding the rock with their offspring until they’re multiplying too much and over-populated; the music itself didn’t really tells you the story about that issues but the beginning of the love at a first sight sooner when these two creature figures met each other. Cosmic Circus, Babylon, A Vampire View, Days Gone By onto Timelines and Drivers Seat trying to connected your vision of the pre-humanoid primitive lives and the treason and those romance to the highest laws of all which is Love Supreme – crawling on your imaginations as the power musical of Prog-Rock begins quite, gently … 

Adam & Eve:

Fuquawi (Stax 1970)

   Your dads or uncles might still recognizing to remember about this instrumentalist Rhythm & Blues meets the Soul combo group blender from Memphis, Tennessee after being the house band for their recording company as playing their own materials which combining organist Booket T Jones in acronym to his precious hometown turns out for the forming of Booker T & The MG’s with Al Jackson Jr. on drums, Steve Cooper the guitarist and Lewis Steinberg playing the bass guitar. For examples, listen to their good album releasing on melting Pot where Funk plus Soul blending with Rhythm & Blues as well as long jamming of the band’s music instruments performance – truly amazing as your oldie folks would love to have them back on the stereo again today. 

Back home, Chicken Pox, Kinda Easy Like, LA. Jazz Song and Sunny Monday leads the harmony of non-corruptions to pleasing some tired ears hunger for more nostalgia to the old stuff era pops from the seventies.

Melting Pot:

Railway & Gun (AIR 1970)

   Psychedelic Rock group from New Zealand with their hurricane whirls of melodic solo verses as Dave Hartstone, John Donoghue, Larry Waide, Maurice Greer and Neil Edwards to Phil Whitehead to Steve McDonald and Zaine Griff build this band – The Human Instinct alias Four Fours did pretty well rocking on their second album release here as Blues Rock to Heavy metal combinations blasting hard in Stoned Guitar. One shall have a complete works showing and maybe doing some head-bangers through Jugg-A-Jug Song, Black Sally to Midnight Sun did covering the landscapes under the shadow of the six-strings arrangements music sounds ! 

Stoned Guitar:

Refugeve Interval (Capitol Records 1968)

Formed by Scott Richardson on lead singer, the Quackenbush brothers Gary the lead guitarist and Glenn on hammond organ as their manager Jeep Holland later told them to use the  Scot Richard Case (SRC) as the band’s name for drawing local attentions from the Detroit-area radio stations in Michigan and it works accidentally just like a new band name centered around Scott’s name and lead guitarist Steve Lyman middle name as well. 

Psychedelic sounds influenced by the british rock looks good and progressive as it gets and those situation really leads the band to releasing their debut album of self-titled SRC at the end of the sixties era within thus groovy bass-line, harmony vocals and good solo leads including the tracks like Marionette, Onesimpletask, Paragon Council, Exile or Black Sheep and Daystar which all mostly, talking tales around either space trip, romance of the old days to kinds of magical-based relating lyrics under the peaceful Psychedelic Rock scents. Sniff this and inject it !


The Gator Society (Chatmaker 1969)

   Classics works of Ben Benay, Jerry Scheff and Toxey French assembling their connected ideas and loves for making the coherent points through the self-titled releasing record for their own solid trio group called Goldenrod as Acid Psychedelic Rock bursts much further onto the elemental of free-ridden Rock n’ Roll amusing attractions which looks medieval and stunning by the sounds over thus jamming sessions through the self-written arrangement likes Descent Of The Cyclopeans coming in for over six minutes or Karmic Dream Sequence bragging more than twelve minutes and twenty-nine seconds closing by Standing Ovulation (and) your ovations for the techniques and mastery popular progressions being totally made by the Golderod crew. Loving it and smoke harder ! 


Down, Down Together (Mercury 1977)

   Randy Bachman formerly from The Guess Who taking his younger brother Rob for playing drums on his new project as Brave belt before Fred Turner came in for filling the lead vocals job available as well as Tim Bachman joining in the guitar section. Digging some more success in the parts of USA not their hometown Winnipeg, Canada – this group of legends named Bachman-Turner Overdrive later likely shortened theirs as BTO  with some exchange members later but with the first classical formations within the releasing on the band’s sixth recording of Freeways really put the surreal combinations of Boogie Rock, Southern influences and Folk Rock to the Pop measurements driving the tales and themes to make most people happy to be their listeners and being turned on by those Shotgun Rider, Just For You, My Wheels Won’t Turn, Easy Groove and Life Still Goes On (I’m Lonely) did glued similarity for the likes on Dr. Hook and KISS beats with the deliver versions alike Country-Road and Cotton Fields going along a side the street of town’s forest edge farther from the crowd traffic.


Jeremy Bender (Leadclass/Island Records 1971)

   Not many reformed of popular Progressive Rock from England being truly beloved by their fans as much as The Nice ex-members Keith Emerson, Greg Lake from King Crimson and Carl palmer of Atomic Rooster notable for their intelligent Cross-over cruising ideas and images creative on blending Classical music and Jazz-Rock compositions as the musical influences with virtuoso high techniques and live shows spectacular completed with their disbanded after the formations reaches exactly, mega rock-stars status.

   Emerson, Lake & Palmer but known better as ELP releasing the second album Tarkus most powerful displaying over the artistic and mysterious melodies been conducting professionally through the performance of the trio mastering themselves and adding flicks to others by tunes definitions. Projected as Eruption, Stones of Years, Iconoclast and more as well as the other tracks of Prog-Rock like Bitches Crystal onto Infinite Space (Conclusion) until a question occurs on Are You Ready Eddy ? seems to be kinds of Sci-Fi written story that making alive into technicolor proportion as film and the futuristic tank-like monster terror juggernaut destroyer really can be your coalition fiend or dangerous rival – depends on how smart you choose to collecting around Prog-Rock wider universally theorists and facts on the records ! 


Elevator Yes (ABC/Dunhill Records 1968)

Definitely not The Beatles – but whether George Alexander (bass), John Perry (lead guitars), Geoff Sweetnham the drummer or Pete Sweetenham on guitars forming this as the British Psychedelic Rock group not turning their presence as London’s answer to Liverpool’s Fab Five crew. You might read the different story about it but the sounds cannot lied about – and Grapefruit must be kinds of a more local version of George Best ideas for completing the sounds ensemble through the breaking era for Rock n’ Roll that time. Haunting Pop vocals, longer feedback or whispers and seminal acoustic guitar sounds might tied the relation between the groups. 

Still, not too similar hair-style to Psychedelic Pop-Rock trivia and Around Grapefruit debut spawning ethereal floating sounds of sunshine and images with or without drugs used to listening that C’mon Marianne, Lullaby, Another Game, Dear Dellilah and Ain’t It Good works well to anyone’s grandpa old sound system favorites cheering.

Around Grapefruit:

Pasquinade La Bouche (Don’t Rush Me Records 2014)

   Welcome ! Very much welcome, buddies ! to the catchy realm of limited edition rare over Punk-Pop to Power-Pop sounds in rocking guitars and silly intermezzo foreplay due to this incidental recording from the figures calling themselves Mike TV whose terribly commercial by the sounds but exactly – cannot be denied pretty much well as the music bursts like a rainbow skies and shining summer where girls falling in love, blossoming flowers and fruits with more bikinis in form of female and the rest of the world still smiling wider on the weiner town according to Sausage Hospital (Japan Limited Edition) as the broken mends and the sick getting well easily while modern day turns within the puking brat, the confusing marathon men, double whammy bling bling as well as crying little ones and doctor receipts for healthy living conducted towards these eighteen tracks of Punk-Pop like Alcoholcaustic, I Love Myself and I Want to Live, Dear Bill Hicks, 90’s Teenager onto Myoclonic Jerk and Vanilla Gorilla means nothing important but – hey, the weirdo local boys quartet did manage to lifting up your sons enthusiastic back before they’re being depressive trying to kill themselves.

Sausage Hospital (Japan Limited Edition):

Potential Flattery Blush (Hollywood Records 2007)

Mostly talking to your stereo towards the themes related to teenage-flick loves, silly romance, temporary crush and breaking up stories written by the duet Michalka sisters Alyson and Amanda Joy or being reputed as Aly & AJ crossing their joyful catchy Pop Rock exclusive songs started from the zero level of being locally, less-known to slowly raising their stars to more public loving of popular musical presence especially through the girls third albums entitled Insomniatic. 

You got the best seminal cheesy but also grown-ups themes among thus tracks recorded there beginning from as what you really want to pick – by the way. We got the lovely songs like Bullseye, Closure, Like Whoa, Silence or If I Could Have You Back means so much to listen when you reminded about your old crush-tales back in high school or further more college mess-down lives with more Power-Pop, Pop-Rock, Synth-Pop and ballads are freshly here to served warmth as the beauty of the sisters as well probably, becoming the greater magnet to attracting more hearts to fall in love to them and of course, to the recording. 


Dixie Lee Junction (Epic/Columbia 1972)

   Year begins for Ronnie James Dio career in Rock history started within the formation for his old buddies group back in the Blues-Rock days and Rock N’ Roll band called Elf with bassist Ronnie did the lead vocals, drummer Gary Driscoll, David Fenstein and Nick Pantas on guitars to keyboardist Doug Thaler originally calling themselves The Electric Elves before shortened into only the simple – Elf.

   Nearly bad and mischievous as well as rocking smoothly sexy and melodic – these New Yorkers working with producer Ian Paice of Deep Purple recording the first debut with Hard Rock-tinged and ugly faced trolling figure on the front cover to releasing the self-titled Elf album with First Avenue, Never More, I’m Coming Back For You, Love Me Like A Woman and Sit Down Honey (Everything Will be Alright) among most other tracks that increasing your dad’s and ex-moms sexual libido while listening them. Powerful and magical like the hands of spoonful spells by the Elf towards the audience whom liking them right before Ronnie Dio releasing himself to persuading more stardom in his career and left their hole in the ground. 


Kissing The Faces Of God (Bandcamp 2013)

   The recording and performance varying to carry combinations of drums and percussion as well guitars, vocals, synthesizer to piano and organs or violins and flutes as well as electronics, sound sculpture and field recording of tribal and boom-bastic beats improved. Eerie figurine of Free-Form Jazz, Psychedelic Rock ashes and Avant-Garde music relates to Freak-Folk as New Weird American collective known as Second Family Band ranging the performance quite sedative and mildly manipulates as being recognize to have names like Billy Lee, Tony Ennis, Clay Ruby to Dan Woodman and Elizabeth Was to Jessica Non Popa, Aaron Laurent as well as Azrael Zanon-Stage and many more mystic members counted regardless operating to the this stimulation sound machine from native Madison, Wisconsin cult-categorized.

   Newer recording tracks like In The Gardens of Saint Barbara gives the new millennium audience portraying the holy female figure within the exact song performance under the same title crafted towards almost thirty-one minutes and twelve seconds top just like a carriage takes the listeners on their way to imaginative momentary lapse of other world dimensions being snap in seconds to be sent away over the hundreds light years onto another land of strange things where – perhaps, sins doesn’t exists. Proceeding all of thus non-familiar over the small castle, weird trees, red building-like alien figures and more unmentioned stuff delivers within the Space-ritual and devotional Jam band in progressive Psych mode – means you have to be tougher to following them until it’s done and the questioned answers ...

In The Gardens of Saint Barbara:

Thyme To Rhyme (Regal Zonophone/EMI 1971)

Man, you will hearing most of the gritty combination from the Brits R&B-Rock groups like minor-key melodies of mellow from the Yardbirds while listening onto this South Australia’s Adelaide recording of (The) Master’s Apprentices featuring lead singer Jim Keays to the rhythm guitarist/song-writer Mick Bower as well the rest of members – Colin Burgess, Doug Ford, Rick Morrison and Peter Tilbrook within this Garage Rock/Prog-Rock instruction for harmony vocals, softer sounds but smudgy like sponge cakes which collaborates to thus artistic absurd painting of a k-nine and a show poster that says a lot about their British related sounds.

A Toast To Red Panama collecting the pieces of how Bluesy Rock mixed with Prog-Pop as well as some early Bee Gees sessions onto Games We Play – Part I or II, Melodies Of St. Kilda, Southern Cross and Answer Lies Beyond; did a very nice job on persecuting many musical instruments sounds of rareness to the original regular one for displaying more elements for your imaginative ears. 

A Toast To Panama Red:

Little More Wish (Echozone 2018)

Blurry figure looks like its non-humanoid but luckily, isn’t threatening much because it was frozen down more to be like just a cave-wall picture rather than the reality fossil; gloomy and cold similar to the music of Monochrome album releasing by the group calling themselves Mills. 

February mists and serious with no jokes trying to includes this works of Electronic Gothic Alternative Rock products as one can hear among the density of gloomed and low-tones around the guitar’s clearance soft scrolls of harmony weight via Border, Edge, New World and Neon – exactly, make the releasing spirits to the entrance goal where hope loss means forever longer journey to seek than the Train To Berlin …