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The Burial Metanoia (Self-Released 2018)

Explosion of color red feels like a description over the bends for modern world self-destructs permission to Alternative Rock mission snapping people’s mind to re-thinking about it and Tomina Vincent (vocals), jesse Higginson (guitars), James Laurie (drums) and Matt Cuff (bass) of Brisbane, Australia had their own liking of pyromania a lot to put inked on lyrics and arrangements of tunes as being influenced by names like Depeche Mode, HIM, Rammstein, Birds of Tokyo or Lacuna Coil; baptizing themselves as Flynn Effect and releasing Monument as their pride extended play record spawning some best cuts songs like Believer and Colossus.

Whether they’re closing in touch-down as a Goth-Pop and Symphonic Rock band or not, necessarily – the most important thing is don’t try to look the lead female vocalist in her eyes that might turning you to stone. 


Abiogenesis Tryna Prom (Self-Released 2016)

   Rumored in experimenting mystical consecutive doubts for never surfacing back again; this project of Djent Death metal melodic of Pennsylvania synchronizing the harassment delivering of outlandish driven high techniques and Deathcore Progressive against the NOW or rarely, a daily news for sharing before boredom struck and suicide taking over you via Zebra Carnival, Anonymous, The Gelato From Colorodo, Italian Jesus Football II: The Second Coming, Roswell: Desecration of The universe II, Bottle Rocket Birthday and The World Engine flashing on the attacks with an unbeatable bashing slaughtering tunes and rhythmic by the various of tempos as being shot on targets with the new combining formations for double vocalists Tommy V and Tyler Sack while the rest of the band’s teaming up presents the works off Vinny Mac on song-writing, guitars, drumming productions, vocals and mixing to mastering complete.

This long-awaited record entitled Prime Creators shall be the proof about the continuity of Interrupting Cow expanding chaotic career here on the planet earth on dooming the lives essence from separated mankind from their pure souls under the enchantment of hooded mage’s Heavy Metal extreme spells. 

Prime Creators:

Odyssey Caddilacs (Mystic Records 1998)

   Oriental infusing lifestyle and cultural striking down the heart of how our westerners old hippie and flower generation turning back to what they’re used to believe and adopting the eastern gods and karma tales onto the new era of druggy summer or more beats for consuming freedom and peace dwelling inside the formatted Various The Psychedelic Experience Vol 2 album from the late seventies and the early eighties era bands compiled altogether as one sharing their materials and groovy sounds to improving this type of Rock n’ Roll branch to be established not only for the Garage shows or campuses’ stoner community but getting wider by the audiences and listeners to be better positively, consumed by the next decade generations opening their ears for names like Higher Elevation, Monocles, Waters, The Decades, Elopers onto songs provides there like God is Alive in Argentina (Doppler Effect), Sherman Marshall’s Realization of Life, Ship of Dreams from Quiet Jungle, Ed Powers brought Mourning or Element performing Open The Door to Your Mind as well as The Castaways or Cave Dwellers singing Just On High and Meditation with the most fuzz rocking guitar tones and hallucinating lyrics or messages being controlled by the giant god Durga as the hands can reaches over the four corners of the wind direction of the compass points for the rare Garage Rock/Proto-Punk bands of the sixties era compilation.

VA The Psychedelic Experience Vol 2:

Tree N’ Sven Zelda (Relativity 1989)

   Hollywood underground era music spawning this good fully attention but badly unlucky to continued their steps further was Thelonious Monster representing how Los Angeles’ Alternative Rock popping out like birthday balloons which formed by names of talented local boys: Bill Stobaugh, Bob Forrest, Chris Handsome, Dallas Don burnet to Dix Denney, Mike Martt, Pete Weiss and Zander Schloss or Rob Ritter, Sondra Christianson to Keith Barry or Martyn LeNoble before things go scattered away and many of these rockers goes on to other projects as you might seemed to hear some of them doing something cooler with other bands.

   Thelonious Monster wasn’t just an answer for R.E.M recognitions and smart written lyrics but more to goes sending would be how they can manage to blending The Replacements, The Pixies and The Cars into one particular package of gladness catchy melodies and honest daily sounds just like the Stormy Weather showing us here. Real Kinda Hatred, Sammy hagar Weekend, See That My Grave is Kept Clean, Swan Song, Lookin’ To The West or Colorblind and Low Boy (Butterflies are Free) reaches the commotions friendly, taste for American pure sounds that comprising Indie-Pop, Country Rock, softer tunes and groovy nuts buzzing of non-commercial loving type of new generations that won’t get the government tore them all up divided by the classification boxes and racial walls – staying in the air for couple years. 

Do you remember that ? 

Stormy Weather:

Robert Moore Annabelle (Not On Label 2013)

   Pure Midwestern Bluegrass and unique virtuosic outlaw background musical evocates the traditional ballads and songwriting over thus full strings suitcase percussion band from Greater Sudbury of Northern Ontario area called Murder Murder; performing the roadie rocky Folk/Bluegrass and Americana Country songs off themselves at works that might related to the elegant car-driving or some beardy white dudes forming a group of musicianship which legally, entitled there as Murder Murder Murder. Wearing colorful nice clothes and blue jeans; these men – Sam Cassio, Jon Danyliw, Kris Dickson, Steph Duchesne and Geoff McCausland and Barry Miles feels comfortable and fun to do so what they’d believe to liking and sang like it is. For those whom a big fans for this musical collections; don’t get to shy for loving a lot more and playing them again and again – these tracks like If Sky Should Fall, Three Left Dead, The ballad of The Lonely Hermit, Warm in The Arms of My Baby and Northeast Winds or Willow Garden – perfectly, describing the panorama of the middle to Southern parts of the great nation tasting its original heritage brought from the pilgrims and outcasts like a starter fair-ground comes to town late that afternoon with Sammy and Johnny.

Murder Murder Murder:

John Hide (Atlantic Recording Corporation 1997)

   Not a perfect time for Dean and Robert De Leo with Eric Kretz to replacing their lead vocalist Scott Weiland for David Coutts as this new project from these ex-Stone Temple Pilots crew would shortly living as being called Talk Show. Not bad after all actually but by trying to dressing up a little bit colorful and cleaner doesn't mean you can easily taking out those materials and branding sounds out of the previous group that they've build together onto this one. Brand new but the lead vocals from David Coutts cannot running away from following the expressive leading role vocalist of STP and because of that the left behind trio of rock-heads brother Dean and Robert on guitars, bass with drummer Eric Kretz stuck within their own formats where the self-titled album Talk Show pops in to the surface of mainstream Alternative Rock and Indie Pop trend-market as being only STP with a slightly different vocalist but same tunes arrangements or on the way they decided to work with Oasis. 

You would love the way thus record pressing the songs inside and mostly, still closer related to their last recording materials but as good as it gets - tracks like modernism arts and issues around Everybody Loves My Car, Wash Me Down, Ring Twice, Hello Hello or End Of The World to Morning Girl seeing the further long steps for the guys not to get stuck or glued for the nineties era forever. 

Talk Show:

Intergalactic Message (Independent 2016)

   Gothic/Melodic/Symphonic and Avant-Garde Cyber-Black Metal Progressive mutations as the lyrics about feelings, frustration, injustice, death and world following the beats of Electronic steps from this Zbaszynek – Poland duo powered by thoughts and spirits named Evelyn off Chorus for the guitars/bass/drum programming/synthesizers/electronics and Asteria on synthesizers on releasing their last newest album entitled Psychedelic Journey which carried the grinding blasts of different sounds in such a tremendous ways as you seeing the glimpse of the imaginative hidden city of technology and natural when the beats slamming from Destroyed Beauty, Synthetic Emotions and Transmission For Dark Matter alarming us right now about our experiments deadly results for the future regret to stop.

Psychedelic Journey:

The Sun I Am (Self-Released 2014)

   As Ferenc Kapiller produced the music as well all mysterious computer programming ans a single guitar to manage making simple, good and imaginative melodies for the instrumental Rock acoustic and Metal atmosphere heavily as what the world shall calling as Post-Rock positioned at Szombathely – Hungary with many thanks for those whom already or would listening for the project known here as Release The Long Ships related to the Viking/Nordic customs as the first debut mixing Shoegaze with Post Rock over Wilderness as great as it gets beginning the journey of the bountiful tracks as the background for the little girl to her horse riding and new natural friends of the forest edge views while So Murmured The Wide Seas, Aether, Mist Pillars, The Heart of The mountain and I Have Never Seen The Light bursts such a intimate magic to the audience ears once the harmony hits the air.


…Stone Cold… (Fono Ltd. 2004)

   Impression comes first while melodic taste can be the weapon on attracting human interests either by sense, looks and emotionally seductions where those things carried out by the Russian Gothic Metal led-duo called The Lust as these Saint Petersburg lyrics story themes written all about glory, romance and lust of love as the quartet musician completed each other: Andy on bass, Max on keyboards, Yan on vocals/guitars and Mirla on vocals debuting their career in full album studio for releasing Tangled which crossing your liking for them even since the beginning to the end of how the rocking tunes performance simply without too much prejudice but lusty beautiful and deadly feelings being told via Fate To Fate, Not The Reason, Dead-End Love, Remember The Day, Mayne None and Don’t Promise – seemingly, spell-bounding their listeners by whiter dark magic like how the forest gods mating its virgin female of men child and later breeding creatures that evolved to be better than mankind.


Dollhouse Labyrinth (Independent 2014)

   Haunting scary and on the same time sounded beautiful like the fantasy Power-Metal Gothic Rock hailed off Lucca – Tuscany (Italy) where Kalidia formed as a group that comprising for the five-piece with guitarist Federico Paolini, keyboardist Nicole Azzola, Nicoletta Rosellini (vocals, lyrics), Roberto Donati on bass guitar and drummer Gabriele Basile writing their materials of almost a Classic Symphonic Rock and Heavy Metal blending music to catch within Lies’ Device formats  as the background of renaissance era and celebration lives of the past a bit cheering and eerie spooking via thus speed up tempos and gorgeous harmonies bursts in towards Harbinger of Serenity, Black magic, Shadow Will be Gone, Winged Lord and The Lost Mariner attracts you in many various durations over six minutes to the standard four to up minutes while the masks hiding the bad things from the righteous eyes – under the sun and the ballroom’s lights.

Watch-out for the love potions spreading by the female vocalist onto you ...

Lies' Device:

New Earth (Independent 2017)

With the presenting of everything on the Post-Black Metal progressive musical where stories about nature, cosmos, science and mythology of the Norse, the Huns and the Baltic is commencing widely, softer and prĂ©cising as Vvldir performing his project tunes on solo album under the name of Vvilderness as this Hungarian soul meets his imaginative identity made sophomore sounds shreds not in a extreme ways but larger and wider – develops onto thus mixing on either instrumentals and vocals spirits of the jackal and the wolf as the guardian of the forest floor digitally, magnificent around the recording melodies of Devour The Sun. 
All instrumental music performs and human vocals growling under the enlightenment background traditional tales of familiar culture based on the snowy land and firing conflicts among the tribesmen and Starless Dark playing for about five minutes and sixteen seconds while Aftershine ended on ten minutes and twenty-six seconds that wrapped the record around thirty-eight minutes and five seconds displaying gorgeousness of Post-Black Metal turning it’s feather for spiritual blessing delights. 

Devour The Sun:

Fairy’s Tale Vengeance (Independent 2017)

   Hear how the new millennium heavy Metal band playing the 80’s Power metal better than the old eighties bands performed it before as these Leeds, UK crew named Dream Troll taking the concepts for their recording here _ The Knight Of Rebellion from the children’s cartoon show He-Man: Master of The Universe in epic solutions over defending Greyskull castle and tower of power from the evil enemies striking down separately, in every corner of the place sacred and miraculous with wonderful vocals, sweet melodies and polishing kinds of Manilla Road type music brought here for the audience.
   Powerful rhythmic bash and standard tempos closer describing the track listing to be fine and must have your applause for this. 
The sing-along choruses of Velvet Drawbridge, Mons Ominosus, Lost in The Pages and Unwanted by The Gods as (The) Earthbound Betrayal – all make sense to letting your head banging like the old times used to did that on every Rock lovers for the performance from Simon Blakelock behind the drums, Paul Carter and Matt Baldwinson on guitars and vocalist Rob Stringer as Power Metal warriors.

The Knight Of Rebellion:

Aegna Hymn (Not On Label 2012)

   Attitude wasn’t changed a lot even when the line-up several times had a measurement but the complete sounds that really feels standard didn’t stopping these Punk-Rock messiah from Estonia successfully, touring to Finland and Latvia as remarkable as their national country shows done pretty well with you not to judging them – Soulout as a trio whom playing commercial music at all. Al (x.a) on vocals and guitars, Burunduck the bass guitar player and Mork behind their drum-sets did started something good through the last recording so far from themselves – Leftrightbehind telling the world that they’re not following any kinds of factions but Punk Rock directions and some of their songs really enjoyable even the lyrics was written in local language and you can calling this Tallinn rocks.

   You might liking them as well as the front cover artworks about the tattooed new millennium skin-heads just like thus Goth-Rock influenced Ein Lied, I Will Always Love You, Desideratum or 2. Possibly, one of the most recognizable bands coming out from the ex-states of former USSR singing loudly about the story of Two under The Tree. 


Haemophilia Blake (Earache 2001)

   Great Israeli three-piece of Sludge metal being active since Jerusalem still under the Jordanian protectorate state spot and you might getting assured that these guys really can be compared to the other names like Sourvein of US state on about their latest cracking and head-banging type of musical performance. If you liking how Helmet changes their course onto something bit darker and using submarine to diving deeper onto the abyss; the results may be caused to be listening to this stuff. Rabies Caste comprising of Dale Rabid, David K and Ruslan Gross as recording their forth albums by far through Let The Soul Out and Cut The Vein really sounded negative to read and learn. Awesome riffs and groovy blasts among the sophisticated metallic grungy formats bursting hard via the self-written materials which is probably, kosher for everyone to hear.

There is Nothing You Have Seen, Out of The Solar System, Steel Right Through The Mouth and The Bleeding Mermaid – exactly, sounding best like you ever wanted to have from the holy city’s rocking generations. 

Really, a Heavy Metal/traditional Sludgecore aleichem ! 

Let The Soul Out and Cut The Vein:

Landing Hours (FFRR 1997)

   Electronic complex over the experiments and rhythmic beats solutions is going to reminds you for early Prodigy or London’s best scene society products as the hand grabbing this lesser known recording from out of the Salt Tank collections.
Aliases for Cohagen and Eviane bring their likes for World Music, traditional touches and more good sampling around the ideas creatively, turns to arrangements just like the members duo: David Gates and Malcolm Stanners build Salt Tank and recording Diamond Halo. Most of the instrumentals coming out to give you a very good reason to dance following the music tail echoes and harmony breeze alike those which carried by the misty springs or after the rain’s atmosphere are strapped here within Wave Intruder, Da Blues, Ritual, Cjax as well as Badlands covering every inches of your bedroom with surrounding magic of technology meets Trip-Hous and Trap-Electro building ambience enclosing sorrow. 
Don’t look for good artworks but strange as Wavebreaks ultimately, kicks some imaginative beats to rhythms over Drum n’ Bass and Jungle-Electro straight onto Progressive Trance or Breaks like you didn’t see it coming as electrifying creature called music. 


Cemetery Down (Bandcamp 2011)

Harmonic Death-Rock meets Psychobilly-Punk with the thicker passage of riff-age taken from either the likes for The Offspring, The Misfits and more themes towards the Horror-flicks lyrics story telling as Horrorwood Ending from Lancaster, Pennsylvania originally, fills their line-up with Ryan Waltz – bass & vocals, Ryan Lannon – drums and Ryan Miller – guitar as they’re performing songs by self-written and manage to do shows and asking to join many punk compilations locally or national wide before Waiting For A Heartbeat being released with its thirteen tracks to torturing someone in the basement.

Don’t know for sure if this fits for only valentine’s day massacre or Halloween death party but you be the judge if they’re casually can giving one a good sense of liking music after listening for several tunes inside. Off I Was A Teenage Zombie, Just Another Nightmare, From Here To Eternity, Never Die and who knows how far the depression can gets you to nowhere but surviving the end of the night of your life.

Waiting For A Heartbeat:

Pigs D.F.B (Animal Music Productions 2014)

   Tarragona, Catalonia miserable late night bar or pub only for Thrasher Metallers seemed crowded that time; the cracking of bones to the slamming drunks and fast slicing riffs filled the air and you must be trapped there among those mad infected metal-heads horde where all the doors locked and there’s no escapes from the raging sound of metallic music made by Exekution team within Depravity.
   Comprising for Amadeu (drums), Alvaro (bass), Alberto and David the sinister wicked six-strings shredders acting like the beasts without any burden while their nine songs comprising all the ferocious madness collectively complex over the place as anthems of horror-themes basic onslaught typical of Thrash Metal reign can be heard blasting through Chemical Fog, Black Death, Zombie Bukake and World Extinction.

Don’t fight it – feel the anger and do something violent to your friends after the last drink. 

Someone would be stab with a broken bottle soon …


Party High At Grindhouse (Reaper Metal 2008)

   Not Slipknot in another format masked and hoodies but these Fort Wayne, Indiana crew must be the bigger fans of either The Misfits or Gleen Danzig as their music sounds similar to acts loud and fast through the combinations of Heavy Metal and Punk Horror influences written down to the lyrics telling necrophilia or killing time.

   The Lurking Corpses are the beneficial truth talking trash about how the country being great again with all thus slaughtering and mass deceiving by the insane gunmen or the media which told the masses to preparing for doomsday every time you open your eyes and turning the television on. Smells Like The Dead is an ultimate reality recording forcing you to liking or not – the system of scares business works usually day by day with zombies and bloodsucking creatures not mentioned in your cryptozoology bible; here’s the tracks for rocking loud in your filthy room before the horde comes and eat your family alive – Into The Moonlight, This Nightmares Carries On, Maggots Ate Her Brain, Critters and Sweet Lycanthropy onto the acoustic times due remembrance about how Jason did his slaying times at Camp Crystal Lake, surely opens back your disturbing horrible experience that day in the woods.

Smells Like The Dead:

Chad Ban Hammer (Independent 2017)

   Crossing-over the massive deafening beats closer to chaos over the Death Metal/Thrash Metal and Hardcore sounds of the proud United States of Canton, Ohio area would be the first thing you ever needed to know for Stillborn Prodigy crew smashing music as the learning over listening how hard they can manage to destroying your ear-drums must be through this influenced by more metallic Pantera or Nu-School Hardcore scene type of album – Coconut Sex Dumpster which highly, may tricking most people for think that this just another alternative record by judging the cover itself. Five piece of metal-heads: Nathan Teeple on vocals, Mark miller on guitars/vocals, Shane Branning on guitar, Justin Givens the drummer and Cory Whitmer the bass basher aren’t going to have a vacation to the tropical island but to destroying it with the crushing tracks listed here like Fuck You To Death, Captured by Nightmares, Gimmie Yer Belt, Bone Hag and Red Rocket Dog Dicks – familiarly, slamming and destructive like angry fists of a raging big bastard punching you in the face before snatching your wallet and gone.

PS. Fucking too conservative minds must be sacked for good !

Coconut Sex Dumpster:

Srebrenica Maniac (Eventhink Metal 2016)

   When Dr. Octopus decided to have a very “Sepultura” in their early times banging the stereo to adds some more of his vicious wicked acts ideas – that moment would be sounded like Declassified as the recording package released by the Leon, Spain troops of Thrash Metal named Toxik Waltz consisting for guitarists Victor and Cesar, bassist Alberto, drummer David and vocalist Txavas ready to destroying your house up.
   The conquering standard double pedals and killer riffs available there as the young version of our hideous doctor remembering the past days when he got caught and being an experiment by the government agents in a secret lab as purifying fear, irrational doubts and the truth reveals that it’s not humans but extra-terrestrial who captured him as Abduction, Beyond The Wall of Sleep, Island of Death and those social protesting lyrics themes over Politician or the drunken populist choice on Thrash Metal Dictatorship as well as Loudmouth – blasting hard and will definitely, forcing anyone whose listening to this to head-bang like fucking crazy fucks ! 


Pluto Willow (Polydor/Wonderland 1989)

   Side-project out of the boredom times around the career for Siouxie and The Banshee member – the female leading figure/singer Siousie Sioux and Budgie turning the full-timing group/duo aparts from their previous semi-legendary troops and added some slower tunes and more gloomy soft pleasure tuning tension down over this format of The Creatures with Peter Clarke and Susan Ballion as well where Flamenco can belnded meeting to Brass Blues band or Rock Abstract humping the sensual to Alternative Pop changing liquids as deeper and colder aspects shows to everyone’s ears of the audience onto Boomerang – the second works from the group project.
   Even then, it is disbanded as predicted – the equal taste over the songs inside The Creatures’ Boomerang record may tentatively, makes some to interacts and attracting for them.
   How wasn’t because you will love the eerie, clearer or misty track-listing audio measurement of pleasure smooth and creepy sexual voices of female to the good sense of ability to reacts towards a new views and visions within this one.
   Standing There, manchild, Killing Time, Pity to Fury Eyes, Fruitman, Strolling Wolf and Venus Sands – quietly, hypnotizing the listeners to loving and fall over thus nude figures standing behind the dry flowers of mid-summer and the lying bodies upon the green.

Either they're sleeping or dying ...


Zapoi Origami (Infine 2017)

Erwan Castex shines his works as soon the grabbing ideas hitting thus probably, mixture blend for Electronic experimenting music by the French producer creating the Techno Ambient melodic at the most receptive ears to put their attentions onto the results as originally and temporary joining the performance with some of those quality names around the similar genre would lifting himself as Rone in musical just like the likes for Laurent Garnier, Massive Attack, Pantha Du prince and DJ Hell as Mirapolis suddenly – being released after a while over the previous works out of the project named Rone and IDM to Techno to the touch of Downtempo/Hip Hop and Ambient by the techniques been giving birth as these twelve tracks recorded and arranged in careful and artistic by the man himself with the advance technology helps as well.

That’s why – this mesmerizing Mirapolis might be dedicated to those thoughts and surroundings where new millennium spawning new generations of music lovers different from the past decade ones and the laser beaming eyes could enlightening and healing the emptiness inside as hoped as sparkling colors and delights modernism cannot taking away music from human being daily needs nowadays. Spank to Switches (feat. Baxter Dury), Faster (feat. Saul Williams), Lou and Brest or Down For The Cause (feat. Kazu Makino) snap-chatting the messages within winds and electronic connections all over the globe tonight.


Boyota Fantano (Independent 2018)

Techno-tronically, fine and Alternative experimented as Electronic fuse into Pop-indie and Lo-Fi Rap noise to the Psychedelic being stupidly smart created by the god of yazz that you shall comply but the truth is all tracks and production are mixed by Jacob La Follette on RVD Botox as this unknown well project within sickness parts available along off Pillowsnake's rhythmic rhymes.

Either you got purple hair or green ones or you’re completely straight or gay; the tracks compiled dedicated for Selma is actually, the first summer of snake period to spread to you as the love over the rebel sexy female figure in punk - Lene Lovich or Open Predator, Not Your oyster and The Story of Breitbart must be perspective to see as an adult materials not for little kids to peep into. Thus beats weirder and strange choruses really looks abnormal as they sounded like same to every stereo system that didn’t broken yet. 

It’s not your compact disc player – it’s your head spinning ! 

RVD Botox:

Cells Flood (Tru Thoughts 2017)

   Hippie genre meets the nineties Alternative Pop’s soft texture which spawning these harmony melodic power pleasure group performance playing the exact a bit gloomy Folk meets Pop-Rock or being called by themselves as Psych-Soul of New York releasing the debut album of the band’s interest highly for the Rn’B star singer D’Angelo and hot toddies smart uniting Maralisa Simmons-Cook, Alex Pyle, Mike Haldeman, Joy Morales, Lessie Vonner and Joey Ziegler and Gray Hall to build these Brooklyn-based Soul-Psych unit closer to the dreaming taste of good musical making and written like the afternoon sunny before the clouds gathered type of feelings for children to take a jump onto the pool as the peaceful world smiling not cursing as blossoming flowers shows their coloring colors. 
   Releasing music in front of Don Letts and John Kennedy upfront the radio shows really sharing thus remarkable tracks a new perspective for All Flowers In Time splitting Sycamore, Daybreak, Blue and Loveline/The Drive Home truly, your today’s single hits for your private room of minds. 

All Flowers In Time: