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Zugellos Flugelspiel (Medium Theater 2013 )

   Germanic tribal pagan traditional musical meets Manowar progression and fantasy epic battle hymns and semi-acoustic and slower mixtures provising in composition by Michael Haas with several group members like Christof Niederwieser, Agricola, Henning onto Szinonem still continuing this project called Angizia onto after the new millennium breaks for mankind developments as Classical Rock/Folk/Neo-Romantic and Black Metal combinations can becoming an attraction in the stillness of the lonely nights which most of the last recording for now from this band in Des Winters Finsterer Gesell which related to darkness presence and angelic female vocals in sacrificial of the ancient ways telling you the stories over the local language titles including: Himmel Und Holle, Weh Und Wunde Mich Ergotzt Ein Kreuz zur Zier onto Ich Hab’ den Mut Ich Hab’ die Macht processing how Angizia takes their musical process in progress by the hands of fate higher than before even though this one may not succeeded professionally to be famous as theirs before but I’m Drunlen Tann or Anatol really stroke as reality on piano soft tinged and strings background giving you odd features and eerie captures above the entire presentation here – tasting a bit Europe.

Des Winters Finsterer Gesell: