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Your Disaster (Not On label 2016)

Matthew Sykes leading his non-personal group of The Kindest People with his performance over vocals/electric guitar/ acoustic and handclaps as well as Spencer Otey on bass electric to Adam Turner the guitar electric player and drummer Chris GeFellers releasing their works on Version EP and pleased to have this kinds of Garage Rock in Pop tunes motions and Indie Rock fun as happiness comes blossoming for DIY Alternative sessions from the band hailed themselves off the revival visions around Johnson City, Tennessee and listening through some short recording like this as tracks of good feelings and wisdom lyrics flown out spreading with I Guess I Was Wrong, Washed Up (Dead In California), Kid as well as Numb Til Nine and Background really catches the true colors and the meaning for the band’s name almost perfect choice in the practical simplicity sounds and daily vocals to listening.

Many audience will love to have this to their stereo today !

Version EP: