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Yakety Yak (Columbia Pictures Industries Inc. 1986)

   Taken from the Stephen King book novel called The Body, directed by Rob Reiner and starring the magnificent kid actors: Wil Wheaton, River Phoenix, Corey Feldman and Jerry O’Connell with a background of small town boys of Oregon area living their fun and boring life daily planning to hike for finding a dead body of a missing kid as Gordie Lachance reading the newspaper about his childhood friend Chris died from being stabbed as flashback story begins for this movie – Stand By Me.
He and his three buddies – Chris, Teddy and Vern undertook their journey finding a missing boy near the town of Castle Rock while it’s a weekend for Labor’s Day back in the 1959 for the quiet and book loving while Chris coming from drunken family as broken onto criminals grieving over the death of their older son Danny as Teddy Duchamp a joker with physical scars caused by his mentally ill dad and the overweight timid Vern Tessio planning their own adventure to find the missing Ray Brower as Vern overhears his brother and friends talking about it as the quartet of the braves decided to to be a local heroes as Chris steals his father’s gun and as they’re sets only to drink from a water pump junkyard of the town as they’re hang-out there a while waiting Geordie to buy some food; jumping the fences to escape Milo the junkman and his dog Chopper before things getting worst as they’re leave. 
The story telling after dark to midnight from Geordie about the bullied boy named Davie Hogan an overweight teasing annoyer as he enters the pie-eating contest at school not for winning anything but revenge as he drank much full bottle castor oil and raw egg which causing him to vomit after the dominant eating for several pies before inducing his vomits to the contestants and the crowds as humiliating and embarrassing all of his tormentors whose bullying him everyday as the good funny and disgusting plus story telling bursts them hard laughs. 
Misadventures and self-revelations series keeping them survive and tough like swimming to the muddy river and being bitten by many leeches all over their bodies or the rural and forest atmosphere like seminal into the wilderness shaping the boys characters to be independent as they’re playing around the empty trains or crossing the long walk through green fields and forest edge. The location of the dead boy being found but hoodlum local Ace Merrill and his gang like “Eyeball” Chambers arrived to claiming the body and the credits on finding the dead body Ace intent to kill Chris for the refusal with switchblade until Geordie interferes with a stolen pistol as Ace and the gang leaves but vows for revenge. 
   Great friendships story to tell spreads in between strong characters off the foursome quartet as they reporting the body via an anonymous phone call to the authorities as hiking back to Castle Rock and bid a farewell until seeing each other in few days attending local junior high school. Present day – with several changes happened to them like married Vern immediate after high school and has four kids becoming a forklift driver and lumberjack with Teddy enlisting in the army later serving time prison and does odd jobs; Chris went to college becoming lawyer but the restaurant attempting break-up over a fight leaves him stabbed to death as Geordie becoming a successful published writer finishing the story and taking his own son and friends for swimming. 
Jack Nitzsche providing us the tons of Classics hits from the early days of Rock N’ Roll popular sound s over the great listed songs like The Silhouettes performing Get A Job, Come Go With Me by The Del-Vikings, Shirley & Lee comes on to entertaining you all with Let The Good Times Roll, Buddy Holly’s Everyday – single version, Krips Johnson as well as The Chordettes singing Lollipop as these various artist musical soundtrack giving this Stand By Me (film) a perfect related bond in between and making both classics and collectible.