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Wrinkle Maze (Not On Label 2013)

   Incredibly beautiful in creations with this Serbian musician works leads David Maxim Micic in mastered and recorded over the recordings and guest artists such as Mina Mladenovic on solo violin, Alexandra Radosavljevic or Vladimir Lalic on vocals, Larissa Terescenko onto guitarist Jakub Zytecki even Jeff Loomis or the keyboardist Vasil Hadzimanov and the choir for making the album completed as the mixture on Ambient Electronic/orchestral fusion and Progressive Rock/Metal rumbled in rambles towards thus magnificent practice and performance in high techniques embracing magnitude and royal sounds of epic tempos by the adventurous unique creature leads into musical project on Bilo 3.0 that spawning the track-lists such as Smile, Nostalgia, Where is Now ?, Everything’s Fine or Daydreamers in various duration from the shortest three minutes more up to the eleven minutes and further as your ears would capturing the amazing female vocals, the solid strings arrangements and the finest song-writing by the guitarist/keyboardist/composer/producer from Belgrade. For the honorary of teaching teachers including Danilo Karamarkovic, Petar Jelic, Joe Musella and Thaddeus Hogarth dedications.

Bilo 3.0: