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Wounds Simpler (Epitaph 2000)

So, before there’s a better solid formation completing the Pennywise sided; these non-formal Hermosa Beach’s 98 Mute crew releasing their Skater Punk sounds within Jason Page, Justin Thirsk, Pat Ivie and Doug Weems already releasing their works through several albums like this particular third one works via Slow Motion Riot. 

You might loving how fantastic and fast enough the standard seminal melodic Hardcore Skater Old-School Punk Rock for the two thousands forever bent as the blasting lyrics telling you the truth over lies in reality bites like Survive, Judge & Jury, Crack, Never Forget, Fight of Your Life, Could This Be and Send in The Clowns may fairly, setting your ears to listening and learn more careful that life goes on predictably unpredictable daily just like the weather reports controls over nothing. 

Slow Motion Riot: