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Worthless Words (Super Electro Sound Recordings 1994)

   Dressing-up like the seventies and eighties people but rocking in like the real nineties era band would becoming the essential road-trip for The Fall-Outs crew members which consisting for Isaac Aubrey, Dave Holmes, Dino Lencioni and some other ex-crew-mates coming to your stereo system play-lists as their Garage Rock/Punk-Pop and Alternative Indie-Pop mixing music into Sleep the recording third album has been quite fun, catchy and closely modern through the crashing calls and lyrics of daily stories via Seen The Light, Something’s Wrong, Spies, Zombies and Think of Something Else and thus rhythmic bass-line and drumming sessions completing the six strings choruses and verses that have been arranging spontaneously honest; following the time clocks ticking.