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Worlds Through The (Not On Label 2015)

   Metallic ambient drilling onto the grooves of Math-Rock and Djent pressures of the highlighted techniques as the opening book of holy wisdom sparkling the essential elements and colors bursting as spreads towards the entire realm which The Ocean Atlas revealed in being as the next concepts and plan of the higher supreme energy of life making to brutally fascinating the listeners on the great audible materials written, arranged carefully as artistically, legitimate to be pounded as hard about mild as well to ears to resemblance as peace-making attributes being pushed to crossing the non-boundaries on the works of Ustecky, Czech Republic’s band – Modern Day Babylon.

   With Petr Hatas on drums, Premysl Kuncicky on bass guitars, Tomas Raclavsky completing the trio line-ups on six-strings as being help by solo guitarist Plini making the explosive amazing long durations over Water Drops, Wings, Illusion and Falls – as the excellent performance here delivers as perfect as the pumping shivers led the instinct to erupting the best efforts not being only just mortal humanity values. 

The Ocean Atlas: