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World’s Jonas Henriksen (Columbia TriStar 2002)

   Adventurous of the search and rescue teaming up led by the billionaire and Bio-Cimp Industries presidents looking out for the missing company plain carried cargos and most important things in Harlan Knowles’ life that is his daughter Tara whom unfortunately, going on the same flight that used to be an easy route turning disaster as via her last video and transmission messages told the reality that the engine failures and the weather must causing the accident.
   As the disappearance of the plane being traced and the pointing area around thus remote forests of Pacific Northwest giving Harlan obsessions on finding his daughter surviving alive even though the last tape showing her fell on the snowy mountain being attacked by something – still, the beloved father tries to finding her and the passengers and the plane crash-site as well assembling the team with local guide like Clayton Tyne, a well-known experts of the wilderness Winston Burg to the beautiful hot writer blonde – Marla Lawson as the search begins suspecting that it wouldn’t be as hard as it looks first. The mission turning out to be rescuing the prototype testing machine for DNA named The Adolf Project with million dollars spending and years to complete for the developing but as they finally, found up the plane in ruins and the crew torn into shreds and where the piece of the clue responsible for the carnage lurking around them already un-noticed with evidence, cave discoveries fueled with carcasses and human remains and the missing of the crew one by one and the terrible things happened to the sexy Marla leads the story of The Untold to the subject of what Huxley prototype discovers as a menace existence of a mysterious elusive crypto-zoology haired creature we used to call – Sasquatch or the legendary - Big Foot.

The Untold: