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Woody Sonny (Cinema M3 2009)

   Seeing Sugar Barley put on her make-up and those hottie short-pants of jeans and boots looks too damn yummy for any man whom seeing her walking by the road-side waiting for any lucky dudes on wheels to take her away for drinks on the local bar or further more conversations – dealing onto sweaty handy sex with strangers she would pick anytime she wants. Coming from her murderous clan of maniacs inbred prey for the fall victims to take home to and dragged to be chopped or just knock down and becoming their supper menus as for the troubled mother within her marriage having more trouble with her teenage daughter – Tabitha Parker being lures out of the stopping on a gas station while they’re driving out and reached Flesh, TX – just like the movie title; Donna the middle-aged mother had arguments with the local attractive slutty girl whom she saw spoken to her daughter near the vehicle before she went missing as strange behavior and the quick gone wrongly, leads her to meet local Sheriff as floozie and the kicks leading the mother to her searching plan overdriven as follows the pretty slut girl back to her place  only to have the fully encounters within The Barley’s straight on that house that nobody dares to visit on that small town in the middle of nowhere. 

The family consisting of deranged maniac father whom breeding his wife and also their daughters with a necessarily aren’t being well-known for their hospitality as method deals for unwelcomed strangers brought back home by the attractive hot sexy Sugar can be called an anti-social cannibalism feasting party daily. Directed by Guy Crawford and written by Kathleen Brenner for the likes on any B-Side low budget/soft porn/ creepy situation fans only.