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Wish Upon A Death (Bandcamp 2017)

   Babuland isn’t your kinds of lullaby for babies compositions that really comfortable to listening by either the babies and adults as well; those haunting artworks and gruesome children in heretic poses with tha background of drooling scary creatures as the banging instrumentals/whispering lyrics Electro-noises experimental sounds like Industrial cramping beasty horrid music mixed with some kind of monotone cutey music for deranged baby ears as this works from Babuchan fits within these tracks like feat. Momocashew (Mili) – Entrance (feat. Momocashew) to Broken Toy Mania (feat. Kikuo), Snow Blood, Dead Thunder Mountain as well as It’s A Fuckin’ World (feat. Momocashew & Kaitendaental) looks like everything produced in noise-piano by vocaloid electro bursts like the shining soundtrack in modern times millennium by Japanese Pop culture works well.