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Vinyl & Polyester (DEJ/Two Left Shoes Films 2002)

   The biographical Horror-thrills telling the public about the background on one of the infamous serial killer of all time in US crime history focusing on Jeffrey Dahmer whom was shy awkwardly social factory worker in a suburb area around metropolitan Milwaukee in Wisconsin as turbulent since his childhood of a religious father denying his homosexuality that causing and conducted the infinite beginning for Dahmer on luring young male to his house as then, experimenting sexually harsh and abnormal upon his victims before he decided to kill them in cold blood or torturing them slow as if not the murderous scene trying to creates a living dead that looks gruesomely, inappropriate to see by the under-ages as well as conservatives within the flashback earlier revealing life of Dahmer in this movie begun with his murder to a man on the way to Bath, Ohio in his teenager times; a troubled relationships with his dad as well as his own alcoholism addict problems as been rationalized the crime conducts in Milwaukee as his parents divorcing and as he emotionally, isolated since childhood but he cannot stop the new addiction which is the sexual invitations to lure young men to the local bar’s toilet-rooms or his own home as successfully – raping them, seducing and then, killing them.
   Jeremy Renner nailing his role for playing Dahmer the movie as Christina Agamanolis, Mariana Bernoski and Willow Williamson compiling so many Classics tunes related to the time-line and the era that listed onto Patsy Cline’s Just Out of Reach, Ring MY Bell by Julian Beeston and Anita Ward or So Close to being in Love by Clyde McPhatter as well as Andrea True Connection performing More More More and straight to I Love Payback (Mr. Payback or Gladys Knight in Every Beat of My Heart and many more that keeps on giving the soundtrack over the personal conversation, murder plans, Rodney confessing his romantic feelings to Dahmer before evasive taken over the clarity minds from Dahmer and strangled him but luckily, he survived. The car riding with his dad to the therapy session cross-cut as another scene of Dahmer dissecting his victim on the bed totally, gives you disgust and horror about his true identity over the real-life counterparts of the fictional victims triggered by parentheses lost communication and bounds devours by mentally-unstable recluse young man over his seventeen claimed victims.