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Ville Condamnation (GSP Productions 2018)

   Effectively as a rocking Sludge Metal unit consisting of these French metal-heads: Mig (vocals), Eric (guitars), Pierre (guitars), Phil (bass) and Dom (drums) at first, sounding often to trick you by thinking about Post-Rock group performance playing some kinds of progression compositions but sooner you realizing how harder the band trying to proclaiming themselves a tenure extremists outraging as the melodic harmony and riffs projection captures your hardened rocking music adventure interests as screamo-vocals and Grungy density struck down from the recording session of Le Mur Des Ombres by A L’Ombre d’Hemera (band) which showing the listeners the process of how smaller lights can kills or torturing the possessed beings inside the darker room as Modern Metal strikes the little gap between the wall straight to the eye which being build in two versions of English and French creating by the band for this.

L’Eveil of five minutes and two seconds or La Peur on four minutes and fifty-two seconds or Savior on about five minutes and twenty-six seconds could be the intense proofs on the deserving well applauses to the crew recording their mini album but with the good sounds that spreading curiosity and deep darker background real stories being distributes by the Moscow label company.

Le Mur Des Ombres: